Wakefield (2016)

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Wakefield Wakefield:-Watch Wakefield Online free on putlockerfun.com,Just watch the trailer instead. Set to Claude Debussy’s timeless Clair de Lune, it’s infinitely more beautiful and poetic than Wakefield itself. Robin Swicord obviously reveres the film’s source material, a short story of the same name by Nathaniel Hawthorne, but the film’s admittedly intriguing premise simply cannot sustain itself over its 106-minute runtime. The film follows suburbanite Howard Wakefield, a New York attorney who spontaneously decides to spend the night in the attic of his home’s detached garage after an encounter with a raccoon. Upon waking up, he decides to stay there, essentially abandoning his wife and children and living in seclusion, foraging for food and keeping his location secret as he watches them move on with their lives. The film’s biggest asset is the performances, with Bryan Cranston delivering a powerhouse turn as Wakefield. Cranston, who appears in nearly all of the film’s scenes, is perhaps the only thing that makes the film worth watching to the end. He single-handedly carries the film’s weight on his shoulders, which also extensively uses narration from his character throughout. Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner also delivers a great performance in a role with relatively little dialogue as Wakefield’s wife Diana. For the majority of the film, save for a few flashbacks, Diana remains distant from the viewer as we watch her solely from Wakefield’s perspective. And yet Garner still makes the most of it, as we watch her struggle to come to terms with Wakefield’s sudden disappearance. The performances, however, aren’t enough to save a film that feels woefully misguided. For one, Wakefield is an entirely unlikeable character who willingly abandons his responsibility as both a father and a spouse. And although Wakefield’s sometimes fourth-wall breaking narration at least offers a cursory acknowledgment that Wakefield recognizes his transgressions, it also tries to somewhat justify his actions, a decision that misfires. Additionally, the film also reeks of toxic masculinity, with Wakefield sometimes commenting on the control he now has over his wife due to his disappearance. While I usually refrain from commenting on a film’s portrayal of masculinity and/or femininity, I simply cannot glance over the toxic actions that Wakefield perpetuates. While the film could be seen Wakefield Full Movie Watch online, Watch Wakefield Movie Online, Download Wakefield Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Release:- 19 May 2017 (USA)


Director:Robin Swicord

Stars: Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Garner, Beverly D’Angelo

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