Unfriended (2014)

Rates : 1

UnfriendedUnfriended :-Watch Unfriended Online free on putlockerfun.com,OK, I usually don’t write reviews for movies, but as of today there are only reviews for the trailer and I find this to be quite stupid…similar to judging a book by its cover or by its summary… Anyways… I just came out of the first screening of this movie in Canada. What is my first impression? My first reaction to it? I am entertained! For those who want to watch something profound, deep, meaningful or even something you will remember…this is not the right movie for you, but if you just want to get entertained for 2 hours, get some cheap scares, some good laughs (this movie is currently my #1 in most unintentionally funny movies made) and just forget about the world, this is definitely it. Pros: – Entertaining. For me thats the most important thing. It’s nothing great, but entertaining. You will have a lot of laughs and some scares. – A rather new and interesting concept. It’s not as shaky and unsharp as found footage movies but isn’t a normal filmed movie either….also it embodies the whole social network very well. It’s feels like you are on your computer. Mehh: – I believe it’s a movie that you either watch at the cinema or not at all. I feel like it will loose most of its (already very little) tension and effect if you watch it somewhere else. – Quite forgettable. It’s nothing special. It just isn’t… Cons: – The acting is quite lousy. Sometimes it’s distracting, but maybe I’m too critical. – Predictable. You know from the beginning what’s going to happen… – Stupid reactions…OK…this is a horror movie, so…if everyone made everything right in horror movies, half of them wouldn’t exist, but I just couldn’t stop thinking why they behaved the way they did…

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Drama, Horror, Mystery

Release:-17 April 2015 (USA)


Director:Levan Gabriadze

Stars: Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson

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