Trolls (2016)

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Trolls (2016)Trolls:-Watch Trolls Online free on,This is going to be my first review, I reopened my account just for this. I must say that I am disgusted by the terrible message this movie gives off for young insecure and impressionable people. I had a really nice time with the movie for a while, but only because I could relate heavily to the slightly pessimistic lone wolf troll called Branch. It was such a nice breath of fresh air to see a character not being “perfect” according to society’s norms these days. Branch is a loner who seems to be at his best when enjoying his own company, he is organized and he has made an effort to stockpile resources for the future years, while all the other trolls just partied and socialized until it became their downfall. This movie is an introvert’s nightmare. It quickly becomes clear they wanted to portray that it is not okay for branch to not want to party and socialize all the time, he is presented as weird and none of the other trolls really want to interact with Branch because he is not like them. I wanted to be sick, when I realized that Branch had to have a tragic background story to be the cause of his “terrible and wrong” personality. People are not all the same. There are optimists and pessimists, extroverts and introverts, good days and bad days. Portraying that the only right way to be, is to be outgoing, social, physical and to party all day long, could easily make kids feel even more pressure to be perfect according to society. Like there isn’t enough pressure from the rest of the entertainment industry on kids already. Kids are already bombarded through music lyrics and videos and through social media. This movie should have celebrated diversity and realized that there are many ways to be happy and to enjoy life. Beside the message that diversity is wrong and that you all must be mindless indoctrinated dancing candy floss puppets, the movie had an extremely weak plot. The unhappy Bergen want to eat the trolls in order to find happiness (very not so subtle metaphor for us that antidepressants and other addictive substances are bad for you and wont give you true happiness, as we know, dancing singing and socializing is the only way for one to achieve that), trolls get snatched and brought to Bergen town cause of their careless nature. Remaining trolls eat all of Branch’s stockpile of food in his secret bunker and do nothing. Branch and Poppy go to Bergen town and rescue the kidnapped trolls and of course implement their propaganda upon the inhabitants, freeing them from their chains of despair through dancing. Oh, and Branch becomes like all the other trolls – “One of us, one of us, one of us”, *creepy brainwashed stare* Trolls Full Movie Watch online, Watch Trolls Movie Online, Download Trolls Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Release:-4 November 2016 (USA)


Director: Walt Dohrn, Mike Mitchell

Stars: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel


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