The Redeeming (2017)

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The Redeeming :- Watch The Redeeming Online free on,A ‘dark night of the soul’ suspense psycho-drama, this low budget British movie has something of the feel of the Thriller series of the 1970s with a few touches of Play for Today. Two characters, perhaps not strangers to each other, are stuck together on a stormy night in an isolated house and alternate menacing and menaced as micro-glimpses hint at what might really be happening. The chattiness, which has a stagey feel, evokes the talk-driven TV dramas of another era – it risks seeming old-fashioned, but the rising hysteria of two people whose conversation keeps turning aggressive, with seemingly deliberate misunderstandings setting each off at times, is still an effective deviuce. It knowingly deploys old tricks like the radio news item about an escaped mental patient cut off when the power goes out, and see-saws effectively between misdirections and knowing chat about Friday the 13th and The Cabin in the Woods.Young middle-aged Joyce (Tracy Ann Wood) is nervously alone in the house when nineteen-year-old John (Ryan Wichert) bangs on the door begging to be let in, nursing a supposed broken arm and clutching a knapsack. Screenwriter Roger Thomas and director Brian Barnes keep letting things play out as if they were glitches, then hop back and make a point of it – subtly, when John seems to light some candles using his supposedly useless hand, or weirdly, when all the power is out in the house except for the fridge light … though this is supposed to be the home Joyce shares with a husband she has inconsistent stories about, she has to search for things in drawers, doesn’t think to light a fire to warm the place up, and isn’t too sure how far they are from the nearest village … and when she sneaks a look in John’s packpack, she finds a roll of cash, someone else’s passport and a gun.The Redeeming Full Movie Watch online, Watch The Redeeming Movie Online, Download The Redeeming Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Release: 29 January 2018 (UK)
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10
Director: Brian Barnes
Stars: Robert Blackwood, Robert Coren, Ryan Wichert