The Foreigner (2017)

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The Foreigner:- Watch The Foreigner Online free on,The film “The Foreigner” is a truly brilliant thriller that holds your breath from the first minute to the last minute. You never know what will happen and have to stare on the screen all the time. The makeup, sound mixing, action choreography, and acting performances are all top-notch. Jackie Chan perhaps gives his career-best performances, both physically and emotionally.More specifically, there are two disparate story lines in “The Foreigner”. The first is an action line, where Quan(Jackie Chan) seeks revenge after the death of his daughter, and the second story line is a political one, in which Hennessy(Pierce Brosnan), a former IRA member, gets involved in a complicated conspiracy. The two story lines progress in parallel in an extremely fast pace, and converge from time to time. The directing is just amazing in the sense that such a complex story can be told in less than two hours. Some action fans might get confused when they find out that only half of the film is about action, but the political story line only adds to the complexity and depth of the film, making it more relevant to real life. The Foreigner Full Movie Watch online, Watch The Foreigner Movie Online, Download The Foreigner Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Action, Crime, Drama
Release: 13 October 2017 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Katie Leung, Jackie Chan, Rufus Jones