Tempus Tormentum (2018)

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Tempus Tormentum:- Watch Tempus Tormentum Online free on putlockerfun.com,’A drifter passing through a small town is drugged by three masked psychopaths and forced into a bizarre game of cat and mouse. He is chased through a series of more and more bizarre events until, in the end, he finds that this evening of terror has lasting consequences. It’s a feel bad film, nasty and brutish, red in tooth and claw.It is in this fog of mystery that Mr. Mouse (Tyhr Trubiak: Faces in the Crowd 2011, Curse of Chucky 2013) finds himself. Mouse, a drifter, crosses three men at this aforementioned diner. They proceed to don horrible masks and terrorize Mouse throughout the night, first breaking into his motel room and shooting him up with some kind of drug.Tempus Tormentum only grows more bizarre from there. Director James Rewucki (Aegri Somnia 2008, Green City 2011), who also wrote and shot the film, has a sense for creating a moody and strange atmosphere. Cool blues and hazy violets haunt the one-horse town where Mr. Mouse struggles with his psychotic pursuers. Night here has a psychedelic vibe, but it is more bad acid than magic mushrooms.Rewucki really takes advantage of his locations too. Rotting, rusty infrastructure fills the ghostly town. It feels abandoned despite the presence of a few colorful locals. Rewucki also relies on imagery within his world to tell the story. The dialogue is sparse in Tempus Tormentum, suggesting a confidence that viewers willing to take the dive may discover a truth or two hidden underneath the thriller’s surface. That is definitely Rewucki’s goal. He wants audiences to get lost in the film. The story, somewhat thin, mostly just follows Mr. Mouse as he tries to get away from his masked adversaries. Tempus Tormentum more resembles a fever dream or a psychedelic trip. This is not a film with a traditional narrative structure.Tempus Tormentum Full Movie Watch online, Watch Tempus Tormentum Movie Online, Download Tempus Tormentum Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Horror, Thriller
Release: 17 April 2018 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10
Director: James Rewucki
Stars: Virine Bahadoosingh, Dan Grapko, Marc Greene

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