Paris Can Wait (2016)

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Paris Can WaitParis Can Wait:-Watch Paris Can Wait Online free on,Eleanor Coppola knows how to use a background, how to compose a scene, and how to cast a couple with excellent chemistry. “Paris Can Wait” succeeds because it gives you what it promises, a light comedy/travelogue with plenty of succulent looking meals, ranging from the exquisite to the divine. It’s a pretty impressive parade of gourmet creations that could have stolen the film from the two stars: Diane Lane, as gorgeous as ever, and her traveling partner, Arnaud Viard, who gives one of the most debonair performances in recent years, somehow keeping enough sense of reality to make him a real human being. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to connect with the story and their dilemmas. These characters give us enough glamour and fantasy, but they are pretty much regular normal beings. Anne (Lane) is suffering from an ear condition that keeps her from riding on a plane with her husband to Budapest. A friend of her husband’s offers to driver her to Paris, in a trip that will take a few hours, but that extends into a couple of days filled with one marvelous experience after another. Jacques (the driver) turns out to be a charmer r who has a solid background on the importance of food to heal, seduce, and produce overall delightful experiences. He introduces her to some of the best eateries along the way, and the treats are a pleasure to the eye and the palate. There’s something about ordering a superb meal in French. It seems to add to the experience, of course, accompanied by the right wine. They get to know each other, revealing bits of personal past experiences. We see how Lane is a pretty grounded wife who has settled into an average marriage; she takes care of the family, and he is in charge of providing a good living for his wife and daughter. Yet, something seems to be missing, and Jacques comes in and opens the door to a world that includes many pleasures. These can be as simple as tasting food in its basic forms, or enjoying the ultimate culinary creations. In addition to their restaurant experiences, we are treated to gorgeous scenery, a couple of museums, a deep spiritual and revealing scene in an antique church, a place which we could call a turning point for the ever developing drama. Jacques is a mystery, showing a side of himself that has served him well for many years. He is a master at presenting delicacies, flowers, music, views, every possible aspect of an unforgettable trip. Yet, he eventually opens up and gives us a peek into what shaped him, what made him what he is now. He is very appreciate of fine things in life, and Anne is possibly, one of the best things he has ever encountered. As played by Lane, Anne has joined a group of unforgettable performances by this actress. She’s someone who we don’t have the pleasure of seeing enough on the silver screen. Her Anne is luminous and beautiful. She is capable of showing her in both glamorous and plain modes, managing to look incredible in both. Paris Can Wait Full Movie Watch online, Watch Paris Can Wait Movie Online, Download Paris Can Wait Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release:- 7 July 2017 (Japan)


Director:Eleanor Coppola

Stars:Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin, Arnaud Viard

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