One Piece Film: Gold (2016)

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One Piece Film GoldOne Piece Film: Gold:-Watch One Piece Film: Gold Online free on,One Piece: GOLD was so disappointing. It is a reminder of how the show has vastly outgrown its protagonists, and keeps trying to make them seem younger, while the fan base in the real world grows older. From an adolescent perspective, one could argue that the last two movies were strong as far as storytelling goes. One Piece Gold however is a mailed in script. No longer One Piece able to merge the impossible paradox of realistic story-telling with the magic of Disney storytelling. The formula is just too obvious at this point, and is especially visible in this movie. The first few scenes are quite entertaining and the animation is visibly more fluid and dynamic than we have yet seen, but Luffy and his pals are not all that much different than a group of kids getting a personal and pandering tour of Wonka’s Chocolate factory. In this case, the factory is Gran Tesoro; the worlds largest entertainment city, run by an unimaginative super villain who enslaves anyone that falls in debt to the city (mostly through obsessive gambling in the giant casino). But he also enslaves their families, and he is untouchable by the world government because he bribes them. We’ve been here before, and unlike film Z where the villain was a substantial and interesting character, Guild Tesoro is nobody, and the inclusion of a backstory for him (which the movie introduces in the middle of a battle) doesn’t make him any less cheesy. The whole thing feels like watching a video game. It is a rushed and contrived series of action sequences, that uses its protagonists as little more than models for the latest in Munchkinland fashion. As usual, Luffy is a caricature in a world of characters, and once again we are asked to accept his naiveté as charm, and his boyish recklessness as pure determination. Because he hasn’t grown in maturity however, that gets harder and harder to do. Yet the series always allows him to seem intelligent simply because he can recognize the difference between good and evil, and get to be the one to save the day. The appearance of Rob Lucci, Sabo and Koala are quite refreshing. It is equally frustrating when considering that Sabo is way more qualified to be the protagonist of the series. As the #2 of the revolutionary army, he has a vital role to play in the universe. Luffy, just wants to party. Film Gold’s, sole strength is that it is visually spectacular, but it is the Batman and Robin of One Piece movies. Cartoony, lightweight, and annoying. One Piece Film: Gold Full Movie Watch online, Watch One Piece Film: Gold Movie Online, Download One Piece Film: Gold Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Animation, Action, Adventure

Release:-10 January 2017 (USA)


Director: Hiroaki Miyamoto

Stars:Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura

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