I Am Not Your Negro (2016)

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I Am Not Your NegroI am Not Your Negro:-Watch I am Not Your Negro Online free on putlockerfun.com,AS A WRITER: For lovers of language, phrasing, and meaning, hearing James Baldwin’s writings and seeing him speak is enough to spark the highest praise alone. His capacity for observational conclusion and his use of language to transmit these conclusions is extraordinary. In this, he is one of the finest chroniclers of the American condition, not just one of the finest African American chroniclers. If you don’t believe that going into this movie, you will when you come out of it. Spending close to two hours listening to the man’s work is an utterly intoxicating experience. In this regard the film is extraordinary. AS A FILM LOVER: We know that James Baldwin was a cinephile and one of the great film critics in American history. He wrote extensively about cinema and a large part of this film consists of clips from Hollywood’s rough history of reducing or falsifying the black American experience, often with Baldwin’s own criticisms laid on top of them, weighing the clips down, eviscerating them. There are hard juxtapositions here as well, such as the innocence of Doris Day pressed up against the reality of lynched black men and women swaying in trees. By contextualizing these images in new and fresh ways the film is able to paint an impressionistic portrait of American denial. And despite a small handful of shots that don’t entirely synergistically ring with the Baldwin text (I’m thinking of a few clips – by no means all – that the filmmaker himself shot), there are enough times when the words being spoken and the images being shown are so surprising and spot on as to be true, high, art. In this regard, the film is extraordinary. AS A HUMAN BEING: The greatest moral failing of this nation is not its imperialism, not its militarism, not its materialism or escapism or consumerism, – though the film makes a strong case that all these things are tangled together – America’s greatest moral failing is its racism. And the scalpel procession with which this movie uses Baldwin’s words and character to autopsy this vast cultural sin is inspiring. Baldwin himself was never a racist, though God knows, I wouldn’t blame him if he had been. Baldwin was never a classist or a nationalist or a demagogue of any sort. Baldwin was a man. He demanded that he be perceived as a man and that black America be perceived as people, with all the dignity and rights that affords. He looked America in the eye and asked a simple question, why do you NEED to dehumanize me? And he followed the question up with a statement, as long as you dehumanize me, America can never succeed. It was not a threat. It was another of his observational truths, the idea that our racism undoes us, keeps us from being great. In the way “I’m Not Your Negro” illuminates Baldwin’s call for a higher humanist agenda, the film is extraordinary. I am Not Your Negro Full Movie Watch online, Watch I am Not Your Negro Movie Online, Download I am Not Your Negro Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Release:-17 February 2017 (USA)


Director: Raoul Peck

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte

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