Mother’s Day (2016)

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Mother's DayMother’s Day :-Watch Mother’s Day Online free on,I was bored and I decided to watch this with my little sister. Huge mistake. I’ve never watched a Gary Marshall film before but I’ve heard that his past few films have just been lazy “romantic comedies” during a big holiday. This is certainly a lazy film but it’s criminal to call this a comedy. The film is about lots of different couples and families during the run up to Mother’s Day and on the day of Mother’s Day. Now I had heard that this film was awful but I never could have expected how bad this film was. This entire film is just soppy drama between couples and families that try to be intriguing to the audience but instead you don’t actually care about them or their problems or what they will do. All the performances from Jennifer Anniston to Kate Hudson are just lazy shoe-ins. Julia Roberts is terrible in this film and also that is one terrible wig. How much did she get paid for that wig. Everyone in the cast and crew of this film only did this film so they could get a pay cheque and go home. Gary Marshall only made this film so he could get paid Christ he probably did this film for a bet. This may be the only one of his films I have ever seen but he needs to stop making films after this monstrosity of a film. (Had written this review before he died so obviously was unaware at the time this would be his last movie). The jokes in the film are really not funny I did not laugh once. This film couldn’t even be so bad it’s good it’s just plain bad. The writing is terrible. The story is boring and I am never invested in the plot and the script is so bad. This film is also really offensive with these racist parents which just makes this film even more unlikable. The only reason I wouldn’t give this film a 1/10 is because it’s nice to see one of my favourite comedians Jack Whitehall being cast in a film but it is severe pain giving this a star out of 5 stars I mean I’m being generous here. Nothing just nothing could have prepared me for this poorly acted, poorly directed, poorly written, clichéd, offensive and plain boring “rom com”. I severely don’t recommend this film there are better films out there please don’t watch this film. Mother’s Day Full Movie Watch online, Watch Mother’s Day Movie Online, Download Mother’s Day Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Comedy, Drama

Release:- 29 April 2016 (USA)


Director: Garry Marshall

Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts


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