Life (2017)

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LifeLife :-Watch Life Online free on,Great start and I was riveted for the first 20 or so minutes…then the plot fell over from a lack of logic and slid further and further away from reality. If the whole story was crap from the start, just from the filming and acting, I might have given this a 3 or even 5…but for something so promising to turn bad from just before the half way mark was extremely disappointing and frustrating. As said…the beginning was nice and though there were some misplaced work ethics and contradictions, it was acceptable and we can put them down to human character flaws… Some examples of what killed it for me…spoiler ahead… The commander decided to not come back in to the station and instead leave the creature outside…why didn’t she just push herself away…she should know that in space…a light push will keep her going forever…instead, she allowed the creature a chance to cling back onto the space station…heroic maybe, but not smart (a non-scientific-minded commander of a space station?). Miranda and David found out that they can track the creature’s movement. At that same time, Sho is still hiding in the sleep pod and to them, he is still missing and without comms…wouldn’t the immediate normal human (team)reaction is to find and bring back the third last surviving member of the group? They trapped the creature in one area. Shouldn’t, wouldn’t they try to ‘kill’ it when it is trapped? No…doing something would be more taxing than just chatting with each other. The part where Sho opened the door to the ‘rescue’ shuttle and air started rushing out…all three of them looked like they were hanging on for dear life not to be ‘sucked’ away…yet once they decide that Sho is dead and lost, the two of them can scramble away like normal zero gravity…huh?? Were they just acting out the struggle with rushing air? In the same scene…many people have died and their anger and repulsion for the creature is well known…yet, when the creature crawled from Sho to Miranda, she kept on holding him to allow it to crawl onto her…try that with a rat or a spider and we all know that it is not normal for a person repulsed by something to keep holding on like that… Instead, Sho must act the hero to rip the creature back onto himself to save her…if he had wanted to save her, he should have let go when he realised he couldn’t shake the creature… The creature was floating around outside the space station for quite a long time…but they decide at the end that it needed oxygen to survive (like humans? can we float around outside a space station for more than 2 minutes- even assuming we can handle the decompression like the creature can???) and in fact would hug an oxygen producer is laughable…please…before filming start…decide if the creature needs oxygen!!! (or love oxygen in fact) David put the escape pod into manual mode so that he can fly himself and the creature out to deep space…and while I understand the creature is very smart and learns quickly…but so quickly that it can fly the escape pod back for a re-entry? Wow…a half degree off would either skip the pod back out to space or dive too steeply and incinerate the pod…but it did the improbable…perfect re-entry control without lessons or prior practise….frigging brilliant… There were many more like these but I lost interest not much later after the commander died and the rest preferred to cry instead of dealing a serious problem…so didn’t register much of the less glaring… A possible Alien level movie failed by poor scripting and story…could have been a real classic…but sadly no…Hollywood’s thinking that we must like space movies because the CGI is impressive needs to change…they should have a re-look at Alien, Sunshine, Moon and The Martian and understand that space can be a great movies backdrop but logic MUST still be strictly earth-bound if it involves humans… Not yet offensive to the intellect but just sad and unrealistic. Life Full Movie Watch online, Watch Life Movie Online, Download Life Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release:- 24 March 2017 (USA)


Director:Daniel Espinosa

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds