Journey’s End (2017)

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Journey’s End :- Watch Journey’s End Online free on,Ever watch a movie that was so good, so well done that it ceases to be theater – it seems real? That’s the feeling one gets watching director Saul Dibb’s “Journey’s End”, a masterpiece on several different levels. The actors are superb, the sets unsettlingly authentic and with a spellbinding screenplay, despite taking place mainly in a wartime trench. The ominous background score heightens the film’s feeling of impending tragedy.It is WWI in 1918, somewhere on ‘The Front’. The commanding officer is Capt. Stanhope (Sam Claflin), who apparently suffers from battle fatigue as he tries to keep his men, as well as himself, from feeling the effects of the growing despair that grips his company as they await the German’s massive attack which has been foretold by a captured German soldier. Director Dibb captures the emotional tone in the claustrophobic officers dugout as we learn the motivations as well as the mental aspect of each. And there is no thought, of course, of a wise retreat.”Journey’s End” is more evidence of how european filmmaking has eclipsed that of the U.S. American studios are too timid to back a film considered too daring and that would break the mold of the cookie-cutter stories emanating from its assembly line. So, those of us interested in excellence in film must forage around. My star rating is in the heading as the website no longer prints mine.Journey’s End Full Movie Watch online, Watch Journey’s End Movie Online, Download Journey’s End Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Drama, War
Release: 2 February 2018 (UK)
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Director: Saul Dibb
Stars: Asa Butterfield, Sam Claflin, Paul Bettany