Into the Woods (2014)

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Into the Woods Into the Woods:-Watch Into the Woods Online free on,Okay, first of all, let me address the 1-star crowd. Yes, it’s a musical. How could you not know that it was…this musical’s been around for nearly THIRTY YEARS NOW! Ahem. Okay, yes, it has dark elements, including references to pedophilia. THIS WAS IN THE ORIGINAL MUSICAL! In fact, Disney toned it down severely! Horrible score? Tell that to Sondheim – he wrote the pieces (and won awards for them)…sigh. Some people just don’t “get it”. This is the first film adaptation of “Into the Woods”. Several others had been contemplated, worked out, even started casting for, but this is the only one that was ever completed…NOT because it was “horrible” “awful”, or whatever, but because it was such a daunting task! I thought that this movie was a wonderful work of art that addresses a lot of life issues (after all, Sondheim is also a noted psychologist). Others were upset that it was a musical. Oh, boo-hoo. People are singing their lines. How un-Disney-like. Okay, I will agree with one point: It is NOT your typical Disney fairy tale. Nope. Not at all. Instead, it’s more true to the original Brothers Grimm stories…let me repeat that…true to the original Brothers Grimm…if you don’t know what I’m speaking of, if you think Snow White was about dancing dwarfs and tweeting birds, then you really need to visit a library. People are screaming up and down that this is most definitely NOT a family film. Um…hello? Do you even know what “PG” stands for? It means “Parental Guidance suggested”…this means that you, as a parent, should decide if it’s right for your child to view. In other words, BE A PARENT! Sheesh… Okay, enough of that. “Into the Woods” is a musical. If you don’t like musicals, don’t watch it. “Into the Woods” is a blending of different fairy tales from their original DARK, FOREBODING, DISTURBING perspectives. If you want butterflies and songbirds and happily-ever-after, go watch the earlier Disney greats. “Into the Woods” is dark. It’s creepy. It’s disturbing…and it’s great. You just need to be in the proper frame of mind. I knew what I was getting into, and I loved it. If you’re expecting “heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go”, you aren’t going to like it. This movie isn’t for everyone, true enough, but for those of us who “ge Into the Woods Full Movie Watch online, Watch Into the Woods Movie Online, Download Into the Woods Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Release:-25 December 2014 (USA)


Director:Rob Marshall

Stars:Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine