Gold (2016)

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Gold Gold:-Watch Gold Online free on,”Gold” is an American movie in the English language from 2016 and the most recent directorial effort by Oscar-winning writer Stephan Gaghan. He did not write it this time, but the script is by Emmy nominees Massett and Zinman. It runs for pretty much two hours exactly and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is basically in every scene during these 120 minutes. I must say I enjoyed the watch pretty much, even if the formula behind the film is more simple than it may seem. It’s basically all about the ups and downs of the protagonist. Up#1 He is having a great job at a prestigious prospector mostly thanks to his dad. Down#1 His dad is dead and he is low on money not finding any investors. Up#2 He reunites with a partner in an attempt to find gold. Down#2 He suffers from malaria and the workers leave. Up#3 The workers return, they find gold and he is healthy again. Down#3 A rich company uses their political connections to “steal” all the gold. Up#4 With the help of a politician’s son, he manages to get the gold back and also gains a prestigious award. Down#4 It all proves to be a scam and the protagonist a victim like everybody else, except his partner. Up#5 The fact that there will be no criminal proceedings apparently and the final letter. So yeah, it’s a roller-coaster of emotions for McConaughey’s character here and he gives a pretty strong performance that is deserving of awards attention too, though probably not as much as his Oscar-winning turn because the subject is also not really that significant by today’s standards. As for the story, there may have been one or two plot twists too many eventually, but it’s okay if you don’t really look for extremely great depth or so. Not that there isn’t any, but the film is at times just a bit for the sake of it and may take itself a tad too seriously. There are some comedy moments too with everything about the protagonist like the yellow roses scene. But McConaughey plays a really likable character I think and especially his private life when it comes to romance depicts him as somebody worth cheering for. He is dedicated, his name means more to him than money and he is also not scared of hard labor to reach his goals. The wrong decisions he makes perhaps really only result from people next to him that have a negative impact on him like the slutty journalist woman or Stoll’s character. It’s maybe accurate to describe the central character as a mix of a raccoon and King Midas in this story. I also think the last shot is really interesting as you can still debate if he was in it the whole time or just got lucky with his former partner sending him half of the money. Of course he will not give it back, but at that point, if he wasn’t in on it all the time you like the character enough that you won’t blame him for it. The film may not make a powerful statement on greed (like TWBB for example) even if it really wants to, but that’s fine as it succeeds sufficiently in other areas instead, maybe even some where it did not really try to. Anyway, after talking so much about McConaugehy’s character, lets also say a few words about Edgar Ramirez (“Carlos”). I quite like him and I think he did a great job with the character. This was pretty tough as his character makes pretty much the biggest waves when he is visually out of the picture, namely in the last 20 minutes, but i think Ramirez holds his own very well next to McConaughey despite not having great material to work with at all. And that means quite something as McConaughey’s transformation from weak cheesy romance to one of Hollywood’s finest is something that cannot be denied. Also some good supporting players in here like Keach and Nelson and even the annoying one from “Veep” was somewhat bearable here. Eventually, I would not say it is one of the best films of the year, but still worth checking out, especially if you like Matthew McConaughey. It is somewhat true that these days you cannot

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| Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Release:- 27 January 2017 (USA)


Director: Stephen Gaghan

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard