Deepwater Horizon (2016)

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Deepwater HorizonDeepwater Horizon:-Watch Deepwater Horizon Online free on,This was a major disappointment. Despite so much of the story depending on technical details, the movie communicated next to nothing. In the early scenes on the rig, people were shouting at each other, unable to understand each other because of the background noise. However, the audience was made to suffer the same thing, having no idea what people were saying. It turns out they were asking if a “cement test” had been completed, and after some time, after they were indoors and checked with various people, they discovered that the test had not been completed. So why was the audience made to go through the nonsense of not hearing what people were saying? It seemed a ridiculous plot point to portray in such an annoying way. The significance was that the test had not been completed, not that it took a few minutes to find that fact out because it was too noisy outside for people to talk. Then began a number of discussions about technical matters. Little effort was made to help the audience understand any of it. Even the few diagrams and supposed shots of what was happening beneath the waves were far from enlightening. I think we were just supposed to let us the technical talk slide over us as mumbo-jumbo only engineers would understand. For my part, I began to think I’d rather have been watching a PBS documentary about the incident that so that I would know exactly what happened. Deepwater Horizon Full Movie Watch online, Watch Deepwater Horizon Movie Online, Download Deepwater Horizon Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Action, Drama, Thriller

Release:- 30 September 2016 (USA)


Director: Peter Berg

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Douglas M. Griffin


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