Café Society (2016)

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Café Society Café Society:-Watch Café Society Online free on,F. It is a complete failure. Hands down, the worst film he’s ever made. Embarrassing. Pathetic. 713 cinematic clichés strung together almost at random, many of them ones he himself coined 40 years ago. Here are the same jokes perpetrating Jewish stereotypes, harping mothers, facial characteristics, Spinoza, waffling intellectuals, the same unattainable romantic ingenues falling unbelievably for a schlep (two in this case), the same pristine crowd-free dusky Manhattan skylines, now visible perhaps only in three locations if a filmmaking permit is granted, the same madcap scenes thrown in to distract from a weak, predictable story to keep you awake at Woody’s arthritic nostalgia party, the same visually untranslatable but wholly textual old jokes. Here is Jesse Eisenberg looking almost – and sounding exactly – like a young Woody, a mannered performance, no doubt another of the director’s self-worshipping tongue-in- cheek inside-seeking jokes. If that doesn’t work, there’s Woody himself opening the film and interrupting it every so often in a weary, zombie-like voice-over sounding oddly like Al Sharpton to explain to the viewer the point of what his writing and editing is incapable of realizing. Poor Woody has become a senile old man playing chopsticks on an out-of-tune piano, trapped in his own legend and incapable of a single new idea. If you remember Woody’s great films, do yourself a big favor and don’t see this: it’ll be almost impossible to remember him well afterwards. It’s sad to see great artists – and there are others – compulsively make fools of themselves late in life. Someone needs to rescue his dignity from his overpowering myopia, or he may crash into the mirror and cut himself badly. Allen’s strong suit has never bee Café Society Full Movie Watch online, Watch Café Society Movie Online, Download Café Society Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release:- 5 August 2016 (USA)


Director: Woody Allen

Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell


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