The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

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The Brothers Grimsby The Brothers Grimsby:-Watch The Brothers Grimsby Online free on,The funniest movie for at least a year! Sacha Baron Cohen at the top of his game. Rude, crude, filthy, but absolutely hilarious with numerous laugh-out-loud moments. So many laughs in fact that I found myself wiping away the tears from laughing so much. It certainly helps if you are a Sacha Baron Cohen fan because he is politically incorrect and his humour is guaranteed to offend anyone who is sensitive to issues like AIDS, religion, sexual abuse and the disabled. Of course comedy is so subjective that you mightn’t find any of this funny but I had such a fun time, I cannot wait to see it again to check out the jokes I might have missed out the first time around from laughing too much. Norman aka Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) is an English football hooligan who is happily married to Lindsey (Rebel Wilson). They live together with their nine children in Grimsby in the north of England. He has a brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong), whom he hasn’t seen for 28 years as they were separated when their parents died. What Nobby doesn’t know is that Sebastian is a top MI6 agent who doesn’t reveal his identity. He is on a case where is attempting to prevent the assassination of humanitarian, Kate (Penelope Cruz) when Nobby spots him and inadvertently causes him to kill the director-general of the World Health Organisation. With only Margaret (Isla Fisher) in the operations room advising him, Sebastian must rely on his brother to help him catch the real perpetrators of the crime. There’s plenty of gross out humour on display ranging from an elephant bukkake scene to Nobby sucking out the poison from his brother’s scrotum. Other standout funny scenes include a case of mistaken identity when Nobby masquerades as his brother to obtain vital information and Nobby searching for Sebastian in a spa therapy centre. And if you like celebrities being lampooned, people like Bill Cosby, Donald Trump and Daniel Radcliffe are fair game for the jokes that are heaped upon them. Not only are there laughs aplenty but there are also exciting sequences that would please action enthusiasts. The point of view scenes that help Sebastian with locating his targets might be frenetic but they inject variety into the typical chase scenes. There’s even a touch of sensitive family bonding scenes when Nobby and Sebastian recall what they got up to during their childhood. Although the flashback scenes are helpful in providing their adult lives with a backstory, they do occasionally encroach into the comedy and action territory. The Brothers Grimsby Full Movie Watch online, Watch The Brothers Grimsby Movie Online, Download The Brothers Grimsby Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Action, Adventure, Comedy

Release:-11 March 2016 (USA)


Director:Louis Leterrier

Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson


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