Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)

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Our Brand Is CrisisOur Brand Is Crisis :-Watch Our Brand Is Crisis Online free on putlockerfun.com,It seems to me none of the previous 30-something reviews get the project. For it IS a project. It IS a political film. Sandra Bullock knows HER brand and she uses it well. It is the staff of Bullock magic, with which she sprinkles life into a rather boring topic – and makes a rather non-dramatic, dare I say Almost Realistic”, script relevant? SB and her co-producer, George Clooney – who is also a brand-aware actor, who uses HIS brand well, alternately for earning money and for teaching youngsters about the world – are right on the money with this story of How Politics Are Wrought And The Consequences Of Wanting Power Enough To Risk The Fallout. Sandra Bullock is the campaign manager, who long ago lost faith in politics as a way to change the world. “When I was young, I admired certain politicians and statesmen. Then I met them…” When opportunity comes begging, she is lured out of a deliberate hiatus by the chance to get even with an old colleague. What follows is a lesson – albeit 101 – in coming back from the dead, when you have forsaken every ideal you once had for vengeance or fame or money or just for doing it, again, and again. Leaving the hamster wheel of old habits and lost self-respect is no easy measure, but like she says to a politician at one point during a TV-debate on the campaign trail: “If you should feel something there, in the heat of the moment, something real, just turn your face to the camera”. And when SHE feels something for the first time in years, tentatively she follows her own advice – though not for any other gain than to win back her own self-respect. The power she had traded in for anger, pride, whatever. I gave it 9/10 – not because of the script, even if it is very, very honed down to basics, and not for the many dramatically correct internal references (the fly in the mask, the mask on the face…), nor for its unusual setting in Bolivia, or for its very true to life representation of the Bolivian willingness to believe and their almost innocent disappointment and anger, when politicians lie to them yet again, or because of the very beautiful depiction of a politician in new-found power, who is uneasy with the consequences of have lied, or for the faith in the project as a whole, speaking on a very understandable level, with Sandra Bulluck being true to Sandra Bullock in every scene (admit it, she brightens every movie she’s in!) – but for all of it. You can watch it again and again, because it’s not dangerous, but its message is effective: The cost of power is power. But hope of liberation is offered to all. Do you take it? Our Brand Is Crisis Full Movie Watch online, Watch Our Brand Is Crisis Movie Online, Download Our Brand Is Crisis Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Comedy, Drama

Release:-30 October 2015 (USA)


Director:David Gordon Green

Stars:Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie


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