Before I Fall (2017)

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Before I FallBefore I Fall:-Watch Before I Fall Online free on,I don’t even know where to begin. This movie is such a waste of time and is beyond stupid. It was supposed to have a deep meaning I guess, but overall it looked rather ridiculous than the one with substance. The movie is about this girl Sam who supposedly lives this perfect life and has perfect friends. However, she gets into car crash, dies and now relives the last day of her life. Sounds quite interesting, right? Unfortunately, the movie is totally pointless and at times even ridiculous. So everything starts with Sam waking up in her room and telling us that her last day has started. Plot seems intriguing from this point as she meets up with her friends who happen to be very mean popular girls. However, Sam gets along with them very well and everything appears to be just perfect. While in school, her friends start bullying one girl who by the way looks like the one who just got out of mental hospital. We then see her at the party where she calls Sam and her friends ‘bitches’ and gets called ‘psycho’ in response. Sam and her ‘mean’ friends leave the party and get into car crash. Yet instead of dying, Sam wakes up in her room and realizes that she is reliving the last day of her life. At this point, I thought that now Sam would discover that her ‘perfect’ friends were not so perfect and that there was something with ‘psycho’ girl. Maybe she knows something about Lindsay, the leader of ‘mean’ girls clique? However, she doesn’t. Apparently, this ‘psycho’ girl used to be friends with Lindsay. She knows that Lindsay used to wet her bed, yet Juliet (psycho girl) is the one who gets bullied because Lindsay told everyone that Juliet was the one who wetted the bed. Despite the fact, that it’s quite ridiculous to get bullied for such thing, movie still seemed to continue exploring suicide and bullying themes which was the worst thing that could happen to a movie, in my opinion. Those are serious themes but they were presented in such banal and almost parody-like way that it got me really annoyed. Bullied girl not only did look like psycho, but also was bullied for ridiculous thing. The movie seemed to get better, when Sam decided to act the way she supposedly wanted and not to suck up to her fellows. She put on a sexy dress, dark makeup and spoke her mind. She called Lindsay egotistical, which was actually true, leaving her ‘mean’ friends shocked and annoyed. At this point, I thought that movie would explore what it’s like being different and not being shallow mean girl. However, next day Sam ‘wisely’ decided that she needed to be kind to everyone around her. Does that mean that her ‘dark’ self was just a phase and she, in fact, like her friends? If that was a case, still, it’s hard to believe that someone would like to be in a group of people who are so mean. The ending is just preposterous. Sam saves Juliet from suicide by pushing her out of the car’s way and gets run over herself, dying immediately. Juliet turns back in shock, saying “Sam, you saved me!”, Sam appears in the woods in a peaceful demeanor and says “No. You saved me”. Her spirit supposedly moves on and she no longer relives her last day. So was the point of all this reliving for Sam to save Juliet from suicide and then die because Sam was just the root of all evil? Even though Sam made up with all characters in the movie and tried to change things? Does it mean that even though you try to change things for better, death conquers all? Also, another ridiculous line from a movie: “How is it possible to change so much and not be able to change anything at all?” Sums up movie for me. Sam died in a car crash, was given a chance to change things I guess and yet died again although she saved Juliet from suicide. Totally pointless… Furthermore, characters in the movie are one-sided, everybody is just either good or evil. ‘Mean’ girls are always evil while her childhood friend who is in love with her is plainly good. To sum up, absolute waste of time… 1/10 Before I Fall Full Movie Watch online, Watch Before I Fall Movie Online, Download Before I Fall Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Drama, Mystery

Release:- 3 March 2017 (USA)


Director: Ry Russo-Young

Stars:Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Cynthy Wu