Beatriz at Dinner (2017)

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Beatriz at Dinner Beatriz At Dinner:-Watch Beatriz At Dinner Online free on,I met Salma Hayak at the after party for the premier of Wild Wild West in Hollywood. It was a warm California night, all the beautiful people were there, but the vibe was morose as everyone walked out of the premier of a big time, big budget, A-list stars, disaster wondering what to say to anyone about it. I was saved by some very cogent advice from Warner Bros. legendary publicist Frank Casey…who blandly answered any question about whether he liked any movie asked by Directors, stars, producers, or faces in the crowd in the same way: You did it again! Try it. It works every time. To mega egos (the only egos at hand at the after party) it makes them smile as they think of their successes, for the more discerning, it allows one not to be an utter fool. As the celebrities swirled around the food and drink tables, Salma appeared at my elbow and introduced herself. She is stunningly beautiful in person, shorter than you would think as almost all stars are, but definitely a star quality presence. Serious about her craft and ambitious to be an American movie star, she had an interpreter/English coach at her side. As we talked she would stop me to ask what certain phrases meant, why did I use them, or to ask me to repeat a word or use slang again slowly while she wrote it down. It was very charming, and she was serious about it all. I mention this because, both that party, and then seeing her great performance in the movie Frida, made it clear that she is an artist, and is very serious about acting. Beatriz at Dinner is further proof. The movie opens with a close up of her face as she sleeps. It’s a bit of a shock, she is without makeup, there’s no special lighting effect to smooth out the years, and we see a woman of fifty. Not a girl, not a sex symbol, not a symbol at all. She has become Beatriz, a deeply spiritual, highly complex, vulnerable, immensely strong, enigmatic, electric when she’s on the screen, a movie star. She becomes Beatriz, a woman from Mexico, now living in Pasadena, with exceptional healing powers. Throughout the movie the Director fills the screen with Hayak’s unforgettable face in close up after close up, allowing us, through her, to react to what happens around her. The story is a modern-day comedy of ethnic manners, a bit like the recent Get Out, as well as a morality play. We go to dinner with a group of California grandees celebrating some new extra-legal financial coup in a magnificent dining room, in a fabulous hilltop overlooking the Pacific home, in a guarded, double gated, community. Beatriz At Dinner Full Movie Watch online, Watch Beatriz At Dinner Movie Online, Download Beatriz At Dinner Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Comedy, Drama

Release:- 9 June 2017 (USA)


Director: Miguel Arteta

Stars:Salma Hayek, John Lithgow, Connie Britton