Backstabbing for Beginners (2018)

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Backstabbing for Beginners:- Watch Backstabbing for Beginners Online free on,The title misleads, but in a way that sets up a pleasant surprise: Per Fly’s “Backstabbing for Beginners” is not some archly tongue-in-cheek takedown of the art of the con, but a relatively serious-minded drama based on the true story of the Oil-for-Food scandal that plagued the United Nations around the time of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Fictionalizing those incidents just enough to play as a pacy, borderline noirish thriller — available via DirecTV a month before its April 27 theatrical release — Fly and co-writer Daniel Pyne adapt Michael Soussan’s memoir of his time as a bright-as-a-button entry-level U.N. aide whose idealism curdles almost as fast as his star rises within the unwieldy organization.It’s to the film’s credit that it creates a sense of high-stakes peril despite us knowing the rough outcome from the get-go, and largely without simplifying its moral dilemmas into straightforward choices between heroism and villainy. Kurdish, Iraqi, American, or, in Michael’s case, Danish, the only real faultlines that exist in this volatile mixture of agendas are those between those with power and those without. All else is, as reflected in Brendan Steacy’s sleek, muted palette, shades of gray.Backstabbing for Beginners Full Movie Watch online, Watch Backstabbing for Beginners Movie Online, Download Backstabbing for Beginners Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Drama, History, Thriller
Release: 27 April 2018 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Director: Per Fly
Stars:Theo James, Ben Kingsley, Jacqueline Bisset

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