90 Minutes in Heaven (2015)

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90 Minutes in Heaven 90 Minutes in Heaven:-Watch 90 Minutes in Heaven Online free on putlockerfun.com,I don’t know what it is about some Christian movies. They just don’t get it. Just because you have a catchy title and a theme about ‘GOD’, the producers seem to think it will be a big hit. Im sorry to say, this movie was completely boring to me. The cast and acting were OK i guess. I think the wife in the movie was kind of cold and unemotional considering the events surrounding her. I was OK until i kept waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen other than this mans’ pity party to be over and from his recovery to be over. He says he saw Jesus at one early point in the movie (complaining to himself) and then complains about being alive and alienating his entire friends and family the other 95% of the movie! Really? Who would do this? By the time the movie is almost over he finally talks about his Heaven experience. Its nothing more than we have heard a million times already. A bunch of people he knew before, standing in front of a big light, an open gate, a relative, and an old friend standing there smiling at him. Thats it! And by the way, the people looked the same as they did here on earth! Of course we will look the same in appearance, but to have an old face with wrinkles and still have your dentures? Come on! It breaks my heart to give this review. I really really really HATE giving bad reviews on Christian movies being a Christian myself but i must say the truth in how i feel. Someone has to tell the truth even if it hurts or seems negative. We need to stop giving Christian movies high ratings just because they are Christian movies. Here’s my prediction: Hollywood will say, “Wow! There is money to be made with these Christians! Lets make them ourselves!” They will screw them up with their ignorance. My God, have you seen Noah, or Exodus? Don’t get me started… If you want a good Christian movie in theaters, GO SEE WAR ROOM. 90 Minutes in Heaven Full Movie Watch online, Watch 90 Minutes in Heaven Movie Online, Download 90 Minutes in Heaven Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,

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Release:-11 September 2015 (USA)


Director:Michael Polish

Stars: Kate Bosworth, Hayden Christensen, Hudson Meek


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